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    Hi Charlotte, thank you! No problem, feel free to use the photos.

    By tinap at 14:28 on 21/11/12

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    Hi tinup,
    These are great pictures. I have a group on facebook ' Verity Statue Ilfracombe' and was wondering if you would mind me posting these pictures for everyone around the world to see. Your welcome to come and join and we would love to see more pictures.
    Kind regards,

    By missyok at 16:39 on 18/11/12

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    I recently visited the lovely town of ilfracombe with my husband and 3 year old daughter, we were suprised but pleased to see that verity has been placed on the harbour. she is neither disgusting or demeaning.She celebrates women who are the bearer of lives.and as for peace and justice is that not wanted by all??? She should be celebrated I think that is a good thing to have in any town. BE PROUD.

    By emsy81 at 20:38 on 01/11/12

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    Damien Hirst's Verity is an iconic piece of art, and a work of engineering to admire. with similar, but smaller, sculptures exhibited in London, New York and Monaco, and it is something of a coup to rank alongside these notable cities,' 'Art is very subjective and sometimes controversial. Despite some media reports, there is a very strong desire among local residents and business owners to have Verity in our town.
    'Verity is drawing more visitors to Ilfracombe and will further help the economic regeneration of the town.'
    The statue's arrival in Ilfracombe has also received a mixed reaction and the negative views are mostly coming from people who have never taken out a penny from their own pocket to give to the town.
    Well done and thank you Damien for giving so much to Ilfracombe
    RW Britannia hotel Ilfracombe

    By r5275 at 18:09 on 01/11/12

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    Well another white elephant which serves no purpose at all! What the heck is it supposed to represent anyway? Money would of been better spent on redeveloping the state of the housing in the town!!! I'm from a seaside town with similar problems in respect of the town being run down and dilapidated and all our council could do was build rubbish projects and nor give a damn about the state of the town at all. Residents need to stand up and protest an the waste of public money and get it spent on regenerating the town!!!

    By haronicus at 00:49 on 19/10/12


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