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    Really suprised by the finished result. Yes Its large but looking at it is not as bad as I imagined given the theme. Verity is here and you either love her or hate her, but at least we have the pretty version given that she has two sisters one in Monoco and the others in New York.

    By St.James Dairy at 23:10 on 17/10/12

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    Really don't think you will be needing a christmas tree this year, just put a bit of tinsel around Veritys head. I expect some hardy sole to give her a nice santa hat before the end of december, don't want her head getting cold.......paul Bam

    By paulbam at 14:08 on 17/10/12

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    Lots of people there to watch! It looks good to me. Not as ghastly as people feared?

    By trickyP1 at 09:37 on 17/10/12

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